When it comes to luxury properties in Thailand, many homebuyers seek homes that can rival five-star hotels and resorts in terms of both comfort and luxury. As a result, a lot of high-end properties, especially those located in top tourist destinations like Phuket and Koh Samui, feature state-of-the-art amenities that will impress even the most discerning of homebuyers. If you’re looking to buy a luxury property in Thailand, here are some of the most impressive amenities you can expect.

1. Infinity Edge Swimming Pools

The infinity pool of Villa Leelawadee in Phuket

When you think of a typical vacation home, private swimming pools often come expected. Luxury properties take it up a notch by having stunning infinity-edge swimming pools, creating a seamless transition between the edge of the pool and the glistening blue sky. This feature is a lot more common in properties that have a gorgeous panoramic view of the bays and seas surrounding the property which adds to the allure of these infinity pools.

2. Gyms / Fitness Rooms

Fitness room of Villa Alchemy

Since staying healthy and in shape is now part of almost everyone’s routine, many properties now come equipped with gyms and fitness rooms. This usually translates to spacious well-appointed workout rooms with state-of-the-art gym equipment and panoramic floor-to-ceiling mirrored walls for luxury villas and condos. These in-house fitness facilities are designed to provide satisfying workouts right in the comforts of one’s own home.

3. Private Spa

Because Thailand is known for its amazing signature massages and traditional spa therapies, private spa rooms are also a common feature among luxury villas and condos in its property market. Having your private spa at home can let you experience total relaxation without having to drive to the spa. Booking a therapist will also be easy as many on-call therapists and masseuses in Thailand can go to your address for private spa sessions.

4. Cinema

Private cinema at Villa Amaravida in Phuket

Imagine a movie night with your friends or family but in your own private cinema. Many luxury properties have home cinema rooms featuring flat TV screens or giant projector screens, a home theater system with cinematic surround sound, and leather armchairs or plush couches. The best part, you can choose which movie to watch, bring whatever food you want, and there’ll be no unwanted noises and distractions since you’ll have the cinema all to yourselves.

5. Sauna / Steam Room

Luxury properties are also home to calming and relaxing facilities like saunas and steam rooms. These facilities can help one reach peak tranquility and relaxation, best enjoyed before an intense workout or an indulgent spa massage to help warm up the muscles.

6. Entertainment / Games Room

Many luxury properties feature game rooms and entertainment zones, from a trusty pool table, a dartboard, to video game consoles, one will be spoilt for choice when it comes to gaming and entertainment options. Some properties even feature a bar inside their game rooms for convenience during a championship match, a high-tech golf simulation game, or just for a chill game session.

7. Mini-Golf Course

Mini Golf of Villa Amarapura in Phuket

Mini golf courses prove that a luxury property did not skimp on extravagances when it comes to its outdoor settings. These properties would have a lawn that’s expansive enough to have its own putting green. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or a beginner, you will surely enjoy practicing your golf swings right within your private lawn.

8. Tennis Court

Nothing can be more delightful than seeing a full-sized, flood-lit tennis court in your own backyard. Having your own tennis court allows you to have unlimited tennis matches with family and friends. These tennis courts can sometimes be converted to a basketball court so you can also enjoy shooting some hoops.

9. Yoga & Meditation Areas

Beachside Yoga and Meditation Area of Villa Analaya Phuket

Many luxury properties feature yoga rooms and meditation areas where you can easily find tranquility for mind and body relaxation. These areas can be indoors, or part of the property’s outdoor features. To elevate one’s private yoga experience, you can book the service of a professional instructor to go to your house and lead the session. Indoor yoga studios can also double as a dance studio or meditation room.

10. Outdoor Lounging Area

Outdoor lounging area of Villa Padma in Phuket

Extensive property grounds with several open-air lounge areas allow one to bask in relaxing sceneries, such as abundant greenery, landscaped lawns, flowering plants, and even a charming koi pond. Many luxury properties provide perfect alfresco spaces where you can enjoy outdoor feasts and revelries with family and friends. Strolls within your own backyard are also made a lot better with shaded walkways and manicured gardens which are also usually part of outdoor amenity features of luxury properties.


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