Write a title that is 45 characters or less.

Tip: Write descriptive titles that highlight the unique selling point of your property. If the property has a name/brand, simply use the name.

Modern Villa With Beach Access in Plai Laem
Hillside Villa Overlooking Chaweng Noi


Write a property description that is no less than 200 words.


A good property description creates an accurate narrative that showcases your property’s best features. Avoid overselling and using empty phrases that don’t add value to your listing. Effective property descriptions should help motivate buyers into taking the next step. 


Do not use the description field to indicate any contact information such as email addresses and contact numbers.


Upload photos that are no less than 1000px in width and no more than 1200px. Each photo should not exceed 300kb in size. Upload photos in jpeg format only. Photos must be of a high-quality standard.

Photos must not have any visible logos, watermarks or text.

Upload at least 10 photos for each listing.

Tip #1:

The gallery section allows you to arrange the order of your photos by clicking on the photo then dragging and dropping them into place. This will allow you to group together photos of different areas and amenities for a more pleasing viewing experience.

Ex. Pool area photos, living and dining area photos, bedroom and bathroom photos, outdoor photos, aerial shots, night photos, etc.

Tip #2:
The first 5 photos in your gallery will be displayed on the image slider of the listings page. Choose the top 5 photos that best showcase your property


Select the appropriate property types that best suits your listing. Choices are Apartment/Condo, Land, or Villa/House.


For most cases, select ‘For Sale’ as your property type unless otherwise.


Type in the property price in USD.

The prices must be  in numerical values only and do not use any commas or other characters such as currency signs and symbols.


We cannot guarantee that your price will properly be displayed if it is written in any way other than described above.




Start off by typing in the general location of your property and selecting the appropriate choice from the automatic suggestions that show up. This is the address that will appear in your property listing.

Typing in “Kamala Beach” and selecting “Kamala Beach, Kamala, Kathu District, Phuket, Thailand”

Alternatively, a custom address of your choice can also be typed in.

In most cases, the pinned location in the map below will be inaccurate to the actual location of your property.

To solve this, move around the map and click on any location to move the pin marker on the correct location.

For the most accurate pinned location, you can use your property’s map coordinates by directly adding both the latitude and longitude values at the same time separated with a comma, then press ENTER.

Ex. 8.017619, 98.309359

How to Get Map Coordinates on Google Map

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