Before you choose where you want to buy a villa, it is important to be clear about why you want to buy. Once you have pinpointed this, you can start to find your dream villa.

Why Thailand?

Thailand is a great place to buy for many reasons. Firstly, property in stunning locations, such as Phuket and Koh Samui or Chiang Mai, are relatively affordable compared to other parts of Southeast Asia, and certainly compared to Europe, Australia, and the US.

Thailand has some fabulous luxury villas for sale, each individually designed to a high quality, in spectacular settings. Architecturally impressive, whether seafront or in a rural idyll, many villas boast infinity pools, spacious living, and beautifully designed features.

The lifestyle in Thailand, natural beauty, and the climate are a winning combination with year-round sunshine, fantastic food, endless spa treats, and warm, friendly people.

Why Buy?

You may want a villa as a holiday home so that you have a vacation stay that is all your own. If so, then you need to consider where you would like to regularly go on a getaway in Thailand and who will be staying. What features do you need? For a family vacation home you may want to be in a location close to entertainment with a villa that has a games room and in-villa cinema.

If your interest in buying a villa in Thailand is as a main home, then you may look more closely at comfort and convenience, as well as being in a location that is close to shops and restaurants rather than being to secluded. Luxury villas are designed to inspire a certain lifestyle, so you need to consider if you prefer a traditional, homely property or one that is chic and minimalist for entertaining or perhaps a property that has a gym, snug TV room, and some sports activities within the grounds or at least close by. You may prefer to be set apart from other villas or enjoy being within an exclusive gated estate.

Perhaps a third reason you may want to buy a villa in Thailand is as a buy-to-let. If so, your choice of villa and location is going to be influenced by objective details such as potential ROI, expense of upkeep, and how the design of a villa meets tourist demands. You may want a villa that appeals to families or is styled as a more upmarket wedding venue. You may be focused on creating a swish A-list pad that is uber-cool and attracts big rental value or want a villa retreat that is set in a gorgeous part of Thailand and is all about appreciating the natural surroundings.

Where To Buy a Villa in Thailand?

In terms of what a location has to offer and the quality of villas for sale, you may want to consider the Top 3 best places to buy in Thailand:

1. Phuket

Thailand’s biggest, most popular island, Phuket is easy to reach and is an Andaman Sea beauty that offers both the allure of island life whilst being developed enough to deliver a lifestyle that extends beyond the beach. Many expats live in Phuket and it is the number one destination for visitors to Thailand and a tourist hotspot that shines out in Southeast Asia as a whole; meaning it is ideal for a holiday home you can come back to time and again without feeling bored, suits a permanent move, and is an ideal location to entice tourists looking for high-end stays.

Phuket has lots of shops, including a luxury shopping mall and Phuket Old Town. The beaches are fantastic, and you can still find quieter sands, such as north of the airport, or over on the east coast at Cape Yamu, away from the throng of Patong. In terms of watersports and kids’ activities, there is plenty to do on and off the water with water parks, zipline adventures and vibrant entertainment. The island is the top beach-club hub in Thailand too. Phuket has long been a gourmet destination where chefs with Michelin star restaurant experience flock.

In terms of choice of Phuket villas for sale, the island has lots to offer and a wide choice of oceanfront, beachfront, and hilltop properties too.

2. Koh Samui

In the Gulf of Thailand, there is something so effortlessly spectacular about Koh Samui. Although Phuket has a lot more going on in terms of activities, Samui is a far more naturally beautiful and glamorous island rival. The sands are pure white, and the waters are gloriously clear with many pristine beachfronts that exude that desert island, castaway feel. If you want laid-back privacy, perhaps with a clifftop villa, and a gentler way of life, then the Koh Samui Villas For Salevillas in Koh Samui are you best bet.

Less developed than Phuket, Koh Samui has a greener landscape and as Thailand’s second largest island this gives the whole place a more private, spacious ambiance. Koh Samui has an intimate air of romance and a retreat vibe. This makes it a perfect investment for couples who need a holiday home that is a relaxing getaway.

3. Chiang Mai

In the north, close to the hilltribe regions, Chiang Mai is a pretty city destination. The old town sees temples and low-rise buildings set close together, giving the whole place a relaxed, mellow, and refreshing atmosphere, with the Ping River adding to that laid-back energy.

Far from the beaches, you can get more villa for your Thai baht here and you also get a wonderful mix of natural beauty, culture, and adventure too. The coolness of mountain areas such as Doi Suthep and Doi Inthanon and the small-city vibe of Chiang Mai make it a popular place to live or to escape on holiday. Chiang Mai is full of lovely cafes, shops and restaurants surrounded by green rice paddies with villas for sale that are spacious, unique and true rural idylls.