A beautiful, luxury villa in a spectacular location which exudes quality, style, and a certain je ne sais quoi can go a long way in selling itself. However, for admiring sales interest to even come your villa’s way, it needs to be in the spotlight and showcased to the right clientele, at the right time, in the best possible way.

Luxury and class may ultimately see a sale through to its happy end, but the gatekeeper to sales success is attracting potential buyers for your luxury villa sale in the first place. Enhance and maximize your opportunity with a few luxury real estate tips:

1. Visually market your villa professionally

A poor quality photograph, video or virtual tour of your luxury villa is the equivalent of giving your luxury property a bad hair day. A picture says more than 1,000 words to potential buyers who dream of owning a luxury villa with their eyes wide open. Visuals show not just the layout of your villa, but the aspect, the quality, and style, as well as the view, setting and ambience.

Consider the price your villa is on the market for. Now consider the impact professional images could have on attracting potential buyers. Getting the images picture perfect is worthwhile and when you are selling a villa dream give it cinematic appeal. Your next task is to make sure that you screen your eye-catching video or exhibit your awe-inspiring photos in venues where your potential buyers are looking.

2. Rent your villa for upkeep costs and to showcase it

If you are not staying at your villa or are just there some of the time, then luxury rentals can be a real pre-sales bonus. There is buoyant market demand for unique luxury holiday properties and the rates, especially in peak season, can be impressive.

The income generated from villa rentals can be ploughed back into villa maintenance and the upkeep of the property. Part of that price can be to pay for in-villa staff such as housekeeping and a private chef. Not only that, but feedback from holiday guests can prove to be invaluable since being objective about your own villa can be difficult to achieve. There is also the potential that one of your vacation guests may fall in love with your villa and put in an offer too.

3. Create a homely non-personal interior

You may pride yourself on the architectural magnificence of your luxury villa and marvel at its sophisticated design quality. While your possessions add a personal touch to your villa property this can repel sales. Would-be buyers want to walk into a gorgeous villa and immediately see themselves living or vacationing there, or showcasing the property as their very own villa rental.

Your personal stamp can detract from or overshadow that vision, so de-clutter your personal effects. However, be wary not to sanitize the spaces and keep a homely feel too. Fresh flowers and open windows and doors to let in air and light can make a villa feel alive and welcoming. A pile of your CDs and DVDs, a quirky sculpture you collected on a trip or even an eclectic mix of artwork and ornaments can put buyers off.

It is not about them simply not liking your tastes, although this can be part of it, but about seeing each space as their own and in their mind’s eye filling the villa with their own individual creations.