Bali is a paradise found, where sleepy fishing villages have been transformed into vibrant vacation hotspots. It is also a luxury real estate haven teeming with upscale properties and high-end villas. The luxury property market in Bali has been an incredible wave of success throughout the years, and its tide of investment opportunities in real estate continues to have a positive outlook.

High expected growth for ultra-high-net-worth individuals

According to the Wealth Report 2020, a study conducted by property consulting company Knight Frank, the number of ultra-high-net-worth individuals, or UHNWI, in Indonesia is expected to increase by 57% in the next four years. Indonesia has the second-highest forecasted UHNWI growth in Southeast Asia and the fifth-highest in the world. This makes the demand for luxury real estate in Bali look very promising since this island has always been a favorite destination among the high-end market.

Strong domestic visitor arrivals

The number of Bali’s domestic visitors has also grown over the past year and is expected to keep doing so in the next few years. In fact, domestic visitor arrivals are forecasted to reach 12.9 million by the year 2023. This is another indicator that there will be a sustained demand for accommodations in Bali so taking the opportunity to invest in a rental property on this island destination while the prices are lower than usual can be very fruitful.

Great prices and potential returns

Because of the challenges the whole world has faced in recent months, the prices of real estate properties in Bali while active, has seen a slight drop during the pandemic. If you’re set on owning a property on this island paradise, whether it’s for a primary residence or a vacation home, now is a great time to invest in one. The island is also slowly re-opening its doors to tourists. By the time that the vibrant tourism industry of Bali bounces back, property values would return to normal and property owners could expect good returns on their investment.

Bali is a billionaire’s playground

While the Indonesian island has long attracted the low-budget travelers and surfing set with its still pristine, white sand beaches and incredible swells, the Bali of today is a more sophisticated destination. Bali is still a primary go-to destination for many tourists looking for a tropical vacation destination. However, its international appeal attracts billionaires who want to sit watching the same gorgeous Balinese sunsets by the beach as the backpackers sits with the growing number of flashpackers.

Bali is still beautiful

While there is development in Bali, the island retains its natural beauty. One of the top diving destinations in the world, visitors, and expats who settle in Bali are charmed by the warm, friendly, and genuine spirit of the Balinese. Bali is also a perfect spot to invest in a villa to rent out, particularly if it is in a prime location close to the beach or with ocean views.

If you are looking for a vacation home or to relocate to Bali, then this Indonesian paradise promises an incredible and affordable lifestyle in what is undoubtedly one of the most glorious parts of the world. Beyond Bali’s glowing investment potential, living in Bali or vacationing in Bali has a lot to offer in terms of nature, beaches, diving, restaurants, and nightlife too.